Andrew Goodman-Bacon

Working Papers


Working papers (with drafts) and works in progress (without drafts) are below.

To identify the causal effect of small changes in the "dose", DD with a continuous treatment requires stronger assumption than just traditional parallel trends.

Difference-in-differences with a Continuous Treatment

with Brantly Callaway and Pedro Sant'Anna

arXiv | July 2021.

Subsidized legal aid increased divorce, welfare participation, and non-marital births.

Changes in Family Structure and Welfare Participation Since the 1960s: the Role of Legal Services

with Jamein Cunningham

pdf | Appendix | FAQ | Revise and Resubmit, AEJ: Applied Economics, since May 2021.

Works in Progress

A survey article about evidence on long-run effects of War on Poverty programs.

The War on Poverty 55 Years Later: a Review of Long-Run Effects

with with Martha Bailey, Jamein Cunningham, and Nic Duquette

A survey article about new developments in difference-in-differences methods.

Difference-in-Differences with Variation in Treatment Timing: A Practitioner’s Guide

with with Andrew Baker, Scott Cunningham, and Pedro Sant'Anna

How did a policy that subsidized welfare benefits more in poor states affect generosity?

Who Benefits from Federal Welfare Spending? Evidence from the Introduction of Progressive Cost Sharing

with with Matt Pesner

Did the introduction of a welfare program for adults with disabilities raise their welfare income?

The Introduction of Disability Welfare Benefits and the Size of the Safety Net

with with Dan Fetter and Lucie Schmidt